INSET DAY – school closed

The school will be closed to children for staff training.


As you may be aware, tomorrow is an INSET Day at GUCS, which means the school will be closed to children.

Enjoy your extended weekend, and all the staff at GUCS look forward to seeing you on Monday.

I also wish to thank all the Pupil Parliament who behaved so well at the Houses of Parliament yesterday.  In addition, thank you to all the children that stayed at GUCS and also demonstrated fantastic Learning Behaviours and showed GRIT working with one another to carry on growing brains whilst we were in London.

Mr Morrissey

We have left the Houses of Parliament

After an absolutely fantastic tour in and around the Houses of Parliament, we have said goodbye for now to Mr Bercow and all the other members of parliament.  We have inspired each and every one of our GUCS parliament and they have done us proud.  Move over Mr Cameron!


We will be back by 3.30pm


Mr Morrissey


We are here…


GUCS’ Pupil Parliament have arrived in London at the Houses of Parliament.

GUCS’ Pupil Parliament are about to embark on their tours and are keen to see meet Mr Bercow  and see how all the important decisions are made in Britain.

Mr Bercow knows only too well the curious minds of the pupils at GUCS and following the call yesterday with his office, I know he is looking forward to is own question time with us and showing us all that is HOP.


Mr Morrissey

Marilyn Brocklehurst, Reading for Pleasure Visit – Wednesday 18th November, 6pm

Marilyn Brocklehurst, Reading for Pleasure Visit – Wednesday 18th November, 6pm

Marilyn Brocklehurst will be visitng GUCS to talk to parents about reading at 6pm on Wednesday 18th November.  If you would like to attend the talk, please complete the reply slip attached to the letter that was sent out and return it to the school office.

Marilyn is sought after author from far and wide to talk to whoever will listen about the joy of reading and how to pass it on.  For more information, please click here.

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Marilyn Brocklehurst Evening – Cancelled

Unfortunately, Marilyn has come down with the flu and is now unable to make the Parent Reading Evening on Wednesday 18th November 2015.  We have rescheduled this for the Spring Term.

Mr Morrissey


Well done GUCS…

Thank you to every child for donating towards Children in Need.  Over £200 has been counted so far, and we’re still counting!

All the children looked fantastic in their onesies, pjs and hero outfits (nursery was awash with supermen and princesses when I visited earlier today!)  Today I have been challenged by a parent to sit in the reception boat filled up with baked beans for Comic Relief in March, to which I accept.  Donations for baked beans are welcome!

Have a great weekend, and I look forward to another week filled using our Learning Behaviours to grow our brains and challenge ourselves – Remember, when you’re doing your homework, challenge yourself.

Mr Morrissey

Children in Need 2015

Children in Need @ GUCS

Children are invited to come to school in pjs or onsies on Friday 13th November 2015 in aid of Children in Need.  All we ask, is your child brings a £1 with them so we can donate towards this fantastic cause.


I’m looking forward to seeing how amazing everyone will look on Friday.  I have my pjs at the ready!

Mr Morrissey