Day 3, evening update from the Fairthorne Manor House

Wow! It’s been a scorcher – the best possible day for Kayaking! Of course, the obligatory child fell in and had to be rescued by the leader, but that’s all in a day’s work for the volunteers. Don’t worry. We’re still bringing 52 children back (one might still be a bit damp though).

Some children had ‘Shrek Bog’ again: the teachers literally cannot tell the children apart as they are just a blur of brown, grey and leaves. Perhaps it’s camouflage – who knows?

It was pork stir fry for dinner – double helpings for most of the Year 6 boys – Gawd knows where they put it… And now we’re  off for a Campfire sing-along.

I have no doubt we will all be sleeping well again tonight!

Fairthorne Manor – Day 3

How do you get 52 children fast asleep by 9.15pm? Wear them out, non-stop, dawn to dusk doing a multitude of activities – if any are still standing by 9pm, a game of Ninja Squirrel in the woods should finish them off.

Needless to say, yesterday night was the antithesis of the night before! Every one of them went out like a light-  sparko!

So, we’re up and at ’em again today! Breakfast consisted of warm croissants and jam.

Kayaking and Fire Lighting are on today’s itinerary (not at the same time of course…) and, Wednesday is JUMBO HOT SAUSAGE ROLL DAY!…just what you need for lunch when you’re damp, cold (and yes, probably muddy!)

Weather is much warmer today, so sun cream, hats and water bottles are at the ready.

‘Best fun ever!’

‘Don’t want to go home!’

‘Southampton Rocks’!

A few more comments from the children to sum up the visit so far.

Happy campers all round!

Day 2 In the Fairthorne Manor House (part 2)

Once again, we’re all fed and watered (and exhausted!)

We’ve glided, climbed, slid, scrambled, scaled and shinnied -ascended and descended – we are quite giddy with all the activities. Even though it was a little colder today, the temperature did not cool our spirits. We’ve ALL been determined to try EVERYTHING!

They’ve been a number of mud monsters, traipsing back from the bubbling ‘Shrek Bog’ – revolting! Some even went under the water (sorry mums) but the good news is, flannels have been used: they are damp!!

Room inspections are treacherous. If you know the drill from previous trips, our strategy is to send in Mr B first, like a canary down the mine: if he keels over from the whiff, the room’s marked down. We call this the Pong Factor. Luckily, Mr B is still standing -he’s a resilient young pup – but those damp socks could be the death of him.

‘The best time in my life EVER!’

Just a few comments to sum up the time had by the children so far.

I’ll end it there: we are all very happy campers!

Day 2 in the Fairthorne House and all the housemates are suitably pooped!

I think it’s fair to say that the excitement of the first day and night is showing this morning (the 7o’clock wake up call just compounded matters..)
But, as I watch a group of children whizzing down a water slide and another group pulling themselves up a ten foot climbing wall, I’m reassured that energy levels will soon be firing on all cylinders again! (Help us all!)
The children did sleep well (eventually), only one ‘ghostly spectre’ wandering the toilet block looking for home – but by 12.30 all children were finally secured into beds. Lights out is usually 9.30…3 hours is a generous leeway!

Breakfast was yummy – sausages, hash browns, beans. Food is not a problem, the children are eating like kings.

I’ll bring you all  another update tea-time. Happy Campers all round!

First night in the Fairthorne Manor House…

How do they do it? We’ve only been here one afternoon and already half of them are caked in mud! They LOVE it!

So, other than the stinking grime, muck and dirt, we’ve also taken part in Pioneering, Low Ropes and Zip-Wire!

Tummy’s are full from dinner – jam doughnuts went down a sticky storm – now we’re running around a sunny field, playing multi-sports. Mr B’s getting stuck in as usual.

Soon, hot chocolate and biscuits, then bed… well, that’s the plan …. let’s see how they settle.

I’ll update again you all again tomorrow, mid- morning. X

Hello from the 2015 Fairthorne Manor Gang…

We have arrived at Fairthorne Manor, and what a place it is!  The sun is shining.  The water is glistening. The fun has already started with the singing on the coach.  We were all so famished that our first priority was to have a yummy lunch, before we start the afternoon fun and activities.

More updates shortly….

… the last leg!

Welcome back everybody! There’s a vicious rumour that the sun is actually going to shine this week to celebrate the summer term… watch this space. If it is as hot as they say, don’t forget to lotion the children up.

Clubs will resume straight away – my club, Dance Extravaganza is first up tomorrow morning at 8am – see you there!

It’s going to be a jam-packed last half-term; Sports Day, Move-Up Day, Jazz Cafe, Time Slip Tea-party… the list goes on.

I just know it’s going to be July 22nd before we know it…


FRoG Rock III – Rock on!

Put the date in your diary – FRoG Rock – Saturday 16th May 3pm – 6pm.

Be there or be square! Rock on!

Lanterns – Opening 27th April

Welcome back everyone – the new Summer term is well under way (the sun is even shining!). It’s going to be a jam-packed six weeks!

Don’t forget Lanterns@GUCS opens its doors on Monday 27th April 3.15 – 6.30. See the Lanterns webpage for more information. Bookings are already being taken so if you require childcare cover, email your forms to

See you there!


Back to school

School open for Summer term 1