Sophie Coade

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Summer 2, I hope you have all had a lovely half term.

The focus for this term in Maths will be persevering with our times tables, so please make sure that your children are practicing these on a regular basis. Instead of weekly tests, we have been trying  speed times tables which the children love! I hope this half term they keep improving their scores. We will also be busy working on our division skills, so any extra work at home would be greatly appreciated.

We will also be continuing with our talk for writing, where the children will be busy making changes and writing their own warning tales, I am very excited to read these.

Our new Field Of Study for this term will be revealed on Thursday.. So watch this space!

What a busy week we have had!

Swimming has firmly become a favourite lesson of the week for Year 4, and they are improving their skills every week. Keep up the good work.

We have also started our “Talk for Writing” warning tale. We have been very busy, learning, adding actions and mapping our story. Our drama skills have also been used to hot-seat and re-tell “The Caravan”.

In Maths we have been estimating superstars! We have been very busy rounding numbers in order to estimate answers and we have been estimating quantities. Lots of brains were grown!

Our Science topic of Animals including Humans, has meant that we have been looking at the human body. In particular teeth this week. Year 4 have really shown their enquiry skills and can’t wait to carry out an investigation next week.

A reminder, that spellings this week are to revise the curriculum words that have been set over the last few weeks.

Have a great weekend!

Swimming Lessons

What a fantastic start to our swimming lessons!

All the children behaved beautifully and showed their learning behaviors through-out.

We had a few nervous children this morning so massive congratulations to those who really dug deep and showed their courage learning behavior. You should be very proud of yourselves.

Can I also say a massive thank-you to the parents, we had all children swimming today in correct kit and equipment. Can I also remind you that if your child needs to wear goggles, that is absolutely fine, I will just need a short note to explain that they need them.

I know all of Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the lesson today and are very much looking forward to next week!



Evacuation Day



Just a quick reminder, that on Monday 2nd November, Year 4 will be having an evacuee day.


Please come to school dressed as an evacuee, be as creative as you like! We will be spending all our learning time on Monday looking at children in WW2 being evacuated and experiencing it first hand!


Hope you have all had a lovely half term,

Miss Coade


Science Week

Year 4, have been very busy this Science week. We have been out on nature walks around the school looking for various animals and discussing habitats. We found some very exciting animals including a newt! We have then been comparing the animals we find at home to animals in other countries.

We have looked out how animals have adapted to their environment, from what they eat, how they look and even how they move.





We have also been getting active and using our bodies to replicate the movements of African animals!

What can we learn about life on the Home front?

What an exciting half term, we have had learning all about WWII and life on the home front. We have looked at the role women played, how people could grow their own vegetables and make do and mend, we have even become expert code breakers – just like the ones we saw at Bletchley Park!

This week, we invited in parents and friends to join us for an afternoon of tea and cakes. We busily baked in the morning not only a delicious British favorite ( a Victoria Sponge) but also a WWII inspired boiled cake using as few rationed ingredients as we could.

Year 4 have all thoroughly enjoyed this field of study and I hope that next half term, they will be just as curious.


Bletchley Park

What an amazing time we had at Bletchley Park! To start the day, we took part in lots of WW2 related activities, such as blackout walks, making evacuation labels, and even morse code jewelry! It really captured the childrens imagination, and they got to explore lots of first hand artifacts.

We also went exploring in the Mansion house, where the Imitation Game exhibition is currently housed. The children came up with some fantastic prediction as to what the Enigma machine was, which we looked into further when we returned to school.

Year 4 have really got their teeth into this Field of Study and its fantastic to see them all so excited about their learning!

Jam Sandwiches

This week, Year 4 have been writing instructions. They have worked hard to write their own success criterias in order for us to make jam sandwiches. It is safe to say, that not all the instructions were as prescriptive as necessary, which resulted in jam all over the Year 4 classroom.