Final sleep in the Fairthorne Manor House…

I had no idea a school residential could prove to be so lucrative. We could well have bagged an additional£250 for the school budget today thanks to the lovely Mrs Wilkes!

Allow me to explain… Using the learning behaviour of courage, Barbara decided to have a go at kayaking. She imagined herself, gliding along the lake,  sun in her face, sun beams reflecting off the rippling water… instead, with grace and aplomb, Mrs Wilkes put one foot in her kayak and dived headfirst into the water. Fully clothed. Glasses on. The whole kit and caboodle!!

There’s a vicious rumour that we have photographic evidence – (shock, horror!) But we’ll keep it hidden, it could really come in very useful when finances are running low… (…You’ve Been Framed).

Other than that, we’ve had a glorious last day. The children have embraced everything – even each other – when celebrating their teamwork successes. They really are a great bunch of children, you should all be very proud of each and every one.

Spag Bol was on the menu for tonight’s dinner – the children were like termites, chomping their way through piles and piles- it was like they’ve never seen food!!!!

We’ve got the Talent Show now then the Disco (it’s always a sweaty treat), so I’ve gotta go! Mr B’s already through to judges houses and is threatening to throw some serious shapes on the dance floor. I have a duty of care to protect our children … SOS!!!!