E- Safety at GUCS

E- Safety at GUCS

Pupils at Grendon Underwood Combined School learn about E-safety regularly. We have to continue updating the information we provide to the children regularly to keep up with the increasing amount of threat involved in children working and playing online.

Some of the themes we consider are:

  • Video Games and E-Safety
  • Safely browsing the internet
  • Using E-mail
  • Text messaging
  • Dealing with Cyber bullying, including where to go for help
  • Looking after your password and personal information
  • Stranger Danger!

E-Safety Websites





Visit it now to help Griff and his friends stay safe while using email, chat areas, mobiles and other new technologies!

CBBC Stay Safe


Other Sites



Net Aware – This is a site where parents review and rate social media apps and sites based on the features and how appropriate it is/isn’t. I like that it describes the potential dangers and even tells what age children should be allowed to have access to it


ceopChild Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Think U Know

think-you-knowThink U Know 5-7
Think U Know 8-10
Think U Know – Teachers
Think U Know – Parents