Our Philosophy



Our Philosophy of Education is based on the principles of ‘Growth Mindset Learning’(C. Dweck Ph.D).

All the learners at Grendon – children, staff and governors – are here to ‘Grow their own Brains! ‘ . The word ‘Yet’ is very important to our philosophy because there are many things we all cannot do….. but, it’s just ‘ yet’ because with determination, commitment and perseverance (and many other Learning Behaviours) we can fire the neurons in our brain to embed these new skills.

We are ready to make mistakes in our learning because we like to try hard things – we could not grow our brains on a continual diet of easy stuff! So expect hard stuff at Grendon, and expect to make mistakes, show humility and learn from these.

GRIT and being GRITTY is one of our foci for 2016-2017, obviously underpinned through our philosophy!