Muddy Boots Nursery

Welcome to Muddy Boots Nursery 2017 – 2018

  Autumn Term  1   2017


Week commencing 9th October 2017


During group time this week, the children will be learning:

  • The letter and sound ‘m’
  • The focus colour is Yellow
  • The focus number is 4
  • Talk for writing is ‘Room on the Broom’
  • Rhyme of the week – Incy Wincey Spider
  • Festival of Light – Diwali

We would kindly appreciate donations for;

  • Halloween resources (appropriate for our age group and noting that is scary). The children are talking about seeing resources in the shops and are taking an interest in Halloween.
  • Fruit for snack time

Other Learning Opportunities

  • Exploring pumpkins
  • Decorating our hands
  • Making salt dough Diwali lights
  • Visiting the WI @ Grendon Village Hall on Thursday am, sharing practice with our local community.

What can you do at home to support us?

  • Practice counting and reciting number names in sequence (0-10)
  • Practice ‘m’ (mmmm sound) – Down Maisie, mountain, mountain.
  • Practice kicking and catching with balls.


To Make Play dough: 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate soda, 1 tablespoon oil, food colouring and 1 cup of water. Mix all together and kneed.

To make salt dough:

  • In a large bowl mix salt and flour together.
  • Gradually stir in water. Mix well until it forms a doughy consistency.
  • Turn the dough onto the bench and kneed with your hands until smooth and combined.
  • Make your creations using the salt dough.
  • Place the salt dough creations into the oven at 180C


Walking around Grendon 

The children are getting much more confident in walking around the village with staff. We promote; stop, look, listen, sensible walking and good road safety.   We often visit the post office and have a chat with the lovely owners who gladly welcome us in. We usually walk back through the fields and look at the sheep and lambs, the children are then able to have a free range and run and scream having fun.


Talk for writing

We are now learning about the ‘Room on a Broom’ story (with the lead up to Halloween).


Forest School- The children have been attending Forest School with the Reception class this term (Thursday am sessions)which has worked really well. They have done lots of bug hunting and making fishing rods, while making lots of adventures exploring the environment.

Forest School


Lunch boxes and water bottles – PLEASE LABEL ALL LUNCH BOXES, POTS AND BOTTLES.

We promote Healthy eating at GUCS so please consider the sugar content of your child’s lunch boxes. No chocolate or sweets please.  No Nuts please.

We have a child who is sensitive to squash and juices therefore to support this we are asking that only water is put in our water bottle and please make sure they are named.  This is a whole school policy.

Snack time:

To encourage healthy eating we like to offer our children different snacks, to support us in this could you please occasionally supply us with different fruits, vegetables, crackers etc



Play Time- Please take in mind when you dress your child that we can get very messy at nursery, through playing outside or inside. Also think about footwear, we do tend to do a lot of climbing and jumping, running, skipping and dancing (wellies are only ideal for outdoors).  As we have mud water and sand it would be really helpful to have a spare change of clothes and appropriate shoes for indoor and out.

Mud, mud glorious mud!
This is what your children will often look like! Unsure about the benefits of getting mucky? Have a look at this article:


Dates for your diary.

Autumn  1 & 2

12 October The Dragon learning group will be visiting the Women’s Institute @ Grendon Village Hall (the second Thursday of the month), 9:30 – 10:30am.

19 October The Dragon learning group will be visiting some local residents (with disabilities) every other Thursday @ 2:00pm.



Getting Messy

We supply aprons to try and save dirty clothes, however sometimes the children either refuse to wear them or we haven’t got there in time to protect them.  Thank you for your understanding.


The School Day

The main school gate will be opened at 8.45am.

Muddy Boots Nursery sessions:

Morning sessions start at 8.45 – 11.45am.

Afternoon sessions start at 12.15 – 3.15. Lunch will take place at 11:45-12.15.

Arriving on time for your child’s session is very important for your child/children, as we all learn to sing the ‘hello song’, to learn each other’s names. We then spend a short time on the carpet sharing important news/stories in our learning groups. The children start interacting with each other and this is where friendships can start to form.

School registers/lunches must be completed and ordered by 9.00am. Lunchtime register by 12.00 noon.

The main school day ends at 3.15pm, therefore if you do have other children to collect in the main school, please make sure you collect your Nursery child/children first.


Early Years Outcomes

Please follow the link below to explore the Early Years document. This is how we assess all children across the early years phase from birth- 60+ months.


What to Expect, When?

This document explains the Early Years Outcome in through the voice of a child. It also gives you a range of ways you can support your child’s learning at home. We think this is a much more user friendly document and will be using it ourselves in the classroom!


If you have any queries or questions please speak to any member of the Nursery Team, Jayne Myers (EYFS Leader), Lynne Zverko (Nursery Leader) or contact the school office.


Parents’ Consultations and clubs

I hope by now, you’ve all received your parent consultations reply slips.  We all look forward to meeting you and sharing how your child has shown true GRIT, and our other Learning Behaviours to really embrace the Growth Mindset Philosophy.

DON’T Forget there are no clubs this week, owing to the Parents’ Consultations, apart from Mr B’s Premier Sport clubs.

Finally, don’t forget to bring your pennies with you, so you can buy books at the School’s Book Fair, open before and after school, this week only.

Bletchley Park

What an amazing time we had at Bletchley Park! To start the day, we took part in lots of WW2 related activities, such as blackout walks, making evacuation labels, and even morse code jewelry! It really captured the childrens imagination, and they got to explore lots of first hand artifacts.

We also went exploring in the Mansion house, where the Imitation Game exhibition is currently housed. The children came up with some fantastic prediction as to what the Enigma machine was, which we looked into further when we returned to school.

Year 4 have really got their teeth into this Field of Study and its fantastic to see them all so excited about their learning!

Jam Sandwiches

This week, Year 4 have been writing instructions. They have worked hard to write their own success criterias in order for us to make jam sandwiches. It is safe to say, that not all the instructions were as prescriptive as necessary, which resulted in jam all over the Year 4 classroom.

RWC 2015 – Stuart Lancaster (England Manager)

I can honestly say that 99.9% of children in assembly on Monday could say why Stuart Lancaster is a ‘Growth Mindset’ leader.  The children could identify the traits of a Fixed v Growth Mindset learner, apply it to themselves and also see it in others – including the English Manager.

After watching his post match interview the children stated that he was using GRIT showing his respect, honesty and responsibility when reflecting on his team and the Australian team.

Some children said that they are going to write a letter to him encouraging him to learn from this setback!!

Mr Morrissey

A Proud Headteacher!

Have a lovely weekend!

What a wonderful week we have had at Grendon!  We have all been growing our brains and really showing true GRIT in our learning.  We all shared a fantastic assembly on Wednesday when the first group of children were awarded with their learning wristbands – well done to you all!  I loved celebrating your achievements with you and of course, your parents and carers.

Have a relaxing weekend and let’s hope this glorious early Autumn weather stays with us.

GOOD LUCK to Scotland and England tomorrow in the RWC 2015!! England has to certainly dig very deep and use true GRIT against Australia!

Best wishes

Kevin Morrissey

Who will it be???

Have you had a secret phone call from your child’s classteacher?  If the answer is ‘yes‘ then your child will have a surprise when they see you in assembly tomorrow!!  If you can’t make it then you will have been asked to give the classteacher a little speech to read out on your behalf!

Wednesday is the first celebration assembly whereby children will be recognised for ‘Digging Deep’ and showing GRIT within a specific Learning Behaviour.  In recognition of this they will be awarded one of 3 Learning Behaviour Wrist bands to wear with pride.  This is now part of the school uniform policy and ONLY these bands can be worn.

Celebration assembly will then take place each Friday at 10:00am from NEXT WEEK.

Kevin Morrissey

Image result for grit

Rugby World Cup – Cwpan Rygbi’r Byd

Well……each team will use all of the Learning Behaviours of GUCS, digging deep and with GRIT at the centre!!

May the best team win!!

Mai y fuddugoliaeth tim gorau!!


28                      25

WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!! Again, another weekend of sports where our children can see at first hand what ‘Digging Deep’ and using GRIT really looks like!  Last weekend we had Japan V South Africa as well as Andy Murray!

Kevin Morrissey

Year 5 – We’re coming home

To all year 5 parents …

The children are safely on board the coach, ready to make their trip back home.  The coach is expected back for the end of the school day.

Everybody has had a fantastic time and thoroughly worn out from all the excitement of the fun packed trip.

UPDATES – Year 5 residential!!


Year 5 have arrived at GP and are having a fantastic time!!  The weather has certainly been on their side!!

I, along with Mrs Adams, Mr B and Miss White Jones, joined them for dinner tonight and got involved in the evening activities that were run by Mr B!!

They were tucked up in bed at around 9:30pm with their favourite teddy bears – bless their cotton socks!!!


The children were up bright and early and have ordered their bacon or egg roll, which will accompany their continental breakfast!  This will stand them in good stead for day 2!!

See you all later Year 5!


A Reminder – Growth Mindset talk this evening at 6pm in the sports hall.


Kevin Morrissey  🙂

Welcome to Webb Ellis!

As the children walked into school this morning they were greeted with rugby balls and the flag of England with the song ‘Sweet Chariot’ playing in the background!  During assembly we celebrated the fact that the Rugby World Cup had finally arrived in England………..and Wales as they are hosting eight of the matches!!!! 😉 

I hope that you and your children enjoy the next few weeks of rugby!  Who is the team and player that really ‘digs deep’ and shows GRIT?

Have a great weekend!

Kevin Morrissey