Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament

School Council

We have two class representatives from each class who are voted in by their class mates. Our School Council team meet fortnightly to help make decisions and change things across the school.

School Council Team:

Y1: Darcy and Jack

Y2: Dylan and Erin

Y3: Josh and Alisha

Y4: Lizzie and Luca

Y5: Finlay and Juliet

Y6: Bea and Ashton

School Council Meeting Minutes:

School Council Meeting 27.09.17



Play Leaders

We have 2 Play Leaders from each class (starting at Year 1), who were voted in at the beginning of the year. Their main responsibilities are to over see the X Factor playground. They lead activities at break time and lunch time and make sure equipment is looked after, replaced when needed and put away when the bell rings. During meetings, the play leaders discuss what is running well and the activities that they would like to offer the rest of the school.

Play Leader Team:

Year 1: Isabelle and Erin

Year 2: Daisy and Hugh

Year 3: Makael and Thomas

Year 4: Maisie G and Alex

Year 5: Kiomi, Myles and Poppy

Year 6: Hannah and Freddie

Play Leader Meeting Minutes:

Play Leader Meeting 09.10.17


Eco Leaders

We have 2 Eco Leader representatives from each class (Year 1-Year 6) who were voted for in class at the start of the academic year. We meet fortnightly (occasionally more if we are working on a project) to discuss how we can make the school a more eco-friendly place. During meetings, the Eco leaders discuss what we can do to help the school become kinder to our environment.


Eco Leader Team:

Year 1: Kian and Lola

Year 2: Poppy and Caitlyn

Year 3: Isobelle and Cara

Year 4: Maisie R and Warren

Year 5: Steph and Alexa

Year 6: Finn and Max

Eco Leader Meeting Minutes:

Eco Leader Meeting 09.10.17

House Captains

We have 2 House Captains from each house who were voted in at the beginning of the year. These children are all from Year 6. Their main responsibilities are to lead and represent their house by attending meetings, talking to the pupils and arranging house events throughout the year.

House Captain Team:

Oak: Ethan & Harriette

Ash: Toby & Lily

Willow: Rose & Daniella

Sycamore: Sofia & Charlene

House Captain Meeting 04.10.17

House Captain Meeting 11.10.17

House Captain Meeting 17.10.17