Sports Relief

As part of their Field Of Study, Year 3 and Year 5 have been working hard over the last few weeks to organise a fun event to help raise lots of money for the charity! The whole school will be participating in a Run4Fun event on the school field on the morning of 18th March. The event consists of us going around the running track 4 times which will mean each child has completed a mile! Your child needs to come to school in a sports kit. This may be their PE kit if you wish. This kit may get quite muddy during the event so it would also be helpful if they could bring in a change of clothes (it is a mufti day so does not need to be school uniform!).


As this is a fund-raising event we would like you to try and collect sponsors for running a mile for Sports Relief. Your child has been sent home with a sponsorship form today.

Please collect and return your sponsors by the 24th March 2016.