We’re coming home….

Year 6 have just left Southampton… more updates shortly….



I apologise in advance: one of the last activities this morning is pond dipping in a stagnant lake – boy oh boy it hummmmms! Still, they’re all yours in four hours or so…. so enjoy giving them a big hug when you see them! (Oh, and avoid the grey grime line on the back of their necks when you give them a kiss, I just don’t know what you might catch!)

It’s the last morning here at Fairthorne; children are a mix of excited and sad. They’re ready to go home but will miss their friends and activities so much. Breakfast had a very continental feel with brioche and juices this morning, all the children tucked in, and lunch today is once again the coveted JUMBO SAUSAGE ROLL! It really is a winner – and when I say jumbo, I mean JUMBO. It’s huge!

We are leaving at 12.30pm. If traffic is good we could be back by 2.30, but last year there was significant congestion on the A34 so we will stick to 4pm just in case. I will continue to give you updates via the blog to let you know how we are progressing. Please do not panic though, if we do return earlier than 4pm and you still have commitments, the children will continue to be supervised (we’ve got some ice pops ready to welcome them back).

When you collect them, please encourage your child to thank their staff member before they bolt off. The staff have been brilliant this week and have looked after each member of their group 24/7 as if they were their own – even Mr B has been a fantastic ‘mum’.

Additionally, please don’t go without collecting your child’s medication and touching base with the group leader about any First Aid/Medical issues. Every child (and adult) is displaying a colourful array of bruises – when you abseil, climb, hang off ropes, kayak and hide from predators, you’ve got to expect a scratch or two.

Wish us luck on the coach home – the smell of Group 2 has just wafted past us ………….. SOS (again) x